The Hearts at Work Initiative is an effort to multiply the impact that the Love of Christ Church has had on each individual it’s touched. This funds for this initiative will go towards paying off our church mortgage through partnership with our community, families and friends.

It’s our way of giving back to the church, the blessings we’ve received from the rich experiences of anointed services, prayers of the saints and our Leaders, a worship experience and the connection of a number of amazing hearts. We love our church and we want to share this love with others.

After our church is paid off, we will launch a series of Youth training sessions for at-risk youth within the community. We will also make a grand effort to fulfill the great commission, “go into the hedges and highways” and “Compel men to come…”

Our online fundraising page is an incredibly powerful fundraising tool that makes giving super easy. It takes less than 5 minutes to use, can be used virtually anywhere and provides exciting information about our campaign and our church. You will get credit for your friend’s and family’s donations using a special menu option with your name on it.

Check out our convenient, online giving portal:

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